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Meet our autonomous line of UVNinjas,

Lux and Lumen

Industries Served
Empty Hallway

Schools and

Childcare Centers

Disinfect hallways, classrooms, bathrooms, and more!  Greet children with a healthier environment every morning.

Open Plan Office

Offices and Commercial Spaces

Keyboards, door handles, elevators, and desktops...all cleaner after Lux and Lumen are done.

Hotel Room

Hotel Rooms and Lobbies

From guest rooms, to hallways, bathrooms, and lobbies, our UVNinjas disinfect them all.

Image by Science in HD



Production lines, cafeterias, work areas, and common hallways are no trouble for Lux and Lumen.

Image by Marcin Kempa

Malls, Retail and Grocery

Reduce biological hazards by disinfecting at night.  Greet customers with a cleaner environment than ever possible before.

Image by Rafael M.

Government and

Municipal Buildings

Disinfect high traffic public spaces and government offices without any additional staff, every night!

Image by Humphrey Muleba

Gyms and Fitness Centers

Help customers avoid illness from viruses and pathogens by disinfecting daily with Lux and Lumen.

Image by Alice Yamamura

Concert and Public Venues

For high density spaces, let a UVNinja help disinfect before and after the rush.

Image by Hush Naidoo

Hospitals and Healthcare Facilities

Tried, tested, and proven.  Use Lux and Lumen, the UVNinjas, to disinfect any public space.

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Autonomous UV Disinfection Systems

Lux and Lumen are completely autonomous disinfectant robots that use the same proven ultraviolet technologies found in hospitals to silently and automatically reduce biological hazards in public spaces.  No chemicals, 100% electric, and fully automatic.

UVNinjas reduce human exposure to dangerous viruses, pathogens, mold and other biological hazards.  On a schedule, on demand, or from the cloud, a UVNinja can create a safer environment for everyone.

Order yours now!  Available for installation throughout the contiguous United States.

How it works


First, we train your environment, and what you want Lux and Lumen to disinfect.


Next we set missions for your UVNinja.  What day, where, and what time based on your trained environment.


At the scheduled time, or on demand, your UVNinja will start the mission to disinfect the area, no human interaction required.


Your UVNinja will report a successful mission, or let you know if something was missed via email, text, or web portal.

Watch Me Work

Watch me tackle office cubicles with ease...

Conference Rooms.... No Problem!

Bathrooms... No sweat!

Keeping the kiddos safe at school!

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